National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance CANADA

NCFTA Canada is a nationally and internationally respected organization which focuses on the investigation of cyber-crimes impacting Canadian citizens, businesses and organizations. NCFTA Canada will contribute to a fair, efficient and trusted marketplace by reducing the incidence and impact of cyber-crime in Canada. NCFTA Canada will enable the development of new partnerships between public, private, and academic organizations to combine resources, intelligence and expertise to cooperatively work on:

  • promoting information security in Canada;
  • providing a forum for members to share best practices on information security;
  • investigating mutually defined cyber-crime targets to gather intelligence, define prevention methods, and develop counter-measures;
  • developing and publishing information or processes that will help protect organizations or individuals from cyber-crime;
  • developing and sharing tools that aid in investigations or in the prevention of cyber-crime that has the potential to generate significant damage to the Canadian economy;
  • building relationships with organizations having similar vision both nationally and internationally; and
  • creating a world-class, cyber-crime intelligence and research center.

The future success of NCFTA Canada will depend on the dedication of the current and future partners as well as NCFTA Canada's ability to work collaboratively with the public and private sector, law enforcement agencies and academia to achieve real and measurable results that will benefit all Canadians.