Academic Membership

Academia will benefit from the interaction with public and private institutions. Such interaction will provide the needed stimuli to conduct and shape relevant academic research on interesting and challenging real-life problems and will improve the knowledge of cyber-forensics through research initiatives. This interaction will also provide students with exposure and training opportunities that will heighten their level of professional competence by gaining practical expertise and research-based knowledge. The activities conducted within the proposed collaboration will definitely contribute to the enhancement and development of university curricula in Cyber-Forensics and Information Security.


University and college groups will receive extensive training along with possibilities of funding and future recruitment. The core benefits are: 

  • Faculty members, together with highly qualified graduate students, will constitute the research arm of NCFTA Canada; 
  • The proposed collaboration will be a framework for sharing, under appropriate terms, the research results from relevant projects being conducted in academia; and
  • Specialized curricula and courses will create training opportunities for NCFTA Canada members and participating students will gain industrial exposure and unique hands-on experience.