Industrial Membership

In this collaboration, both public and private organizations will share and gain access to pooled resources that include time-sensitive intelligence and new threat/mitigation intelligence on Cyber-Crime. This collaboration will enable the creation of intelligence that is current, relevant and will provide specific details regarding the evolving threats that may render systems inoperable or exploit sensitive confidential information. These evolving threats have the potential to cause significant damage to the Canadian economy.

Private organizations, when working collaboratively, may use this information to mitigate the potential threats and to protect their sensitive information at a significantly lower cost based on the sharing of resources rather than working as single entities.

The time and resources required of each partner to replicate the capacity of NCFTA Canada would be labour intensive and cost prohibitive. The intelligence generated from the pooling of resources will be greater than the aggregate resources of each individual entity. In some cases, the entity has no resources to dedicate or the proposed resources need to be developed.


Industrial groups will develop dynamic best practices on maximizing response and recovery options, evidence handling and mitigating threats:

  • Better pooled intelligence that is used across sector(s). This also reduces exposure during the early hours of the attack and provides the participants of NCFTA Canada with early warning such that an attacker hitting one company at a time will be less successful over time;
  • Most industry sectors are driven by processes. NCFTA Canada will help participants improve their internal and external processes thereby reducing their expenses over time; and
  • Access to resources that may not be available otherwise.