Canadian Government, law enforcement agencies, private companies and academic institutions require a nationally and internationally respected organization with a focus on the investigation of cyber-crimes impacting Canadian citizens, businesses and organizations. NCFTA Canada was established to contribute to a fair, efficient and trusted marketplace by reducing the incidence and impact of cyber-crime in Canada.

The central purpose and role of NCFTA Canada is to improve cyber security in Canada by developing a strategic partnership between public, private and academic organizations to provide expertise, standards and shared services to its partners. This partnership combines resources, intelligence and expertise in order to cooperatively work on: 

  • Developing a partnership between public, private, and academic organizations, which combines Resources, Intelligence and Expertise,
  • Working cooperatively to:
    • Promote information security in Canada;
    • Provide a forum for members to share best practices on information security;
    • Investigate mutually defined cyber-crime targets;
    • Gather intelligence;
    • Define prevention methods, and develop counter-measures;
    • Develop and publish information or processes that can help protect organizations or individuals from cyber-crime;
    • Develop and share tools that can help in investigation or prevention of cyber-crime.
  • Building relationships with organizations having similar vision both nationally and internationally,
  • Improving our ability to identify and report cyber incidents so that we can respond in a timely manner,
  • Securing federal networks by setting clear policies to protect potential security targets, 
  • Driving innovation and competitiveness in the cybercrime sector,
  • Improving the talent pool, skills & diversity of the cyber-security sector, and 
  • Increasing our communication with the public

Our laboratory and training collaboration will reduce redundant efforts and will leverage the use of strong regional and nationally based resources from both the public and private sectors. University faculty along with Master and PhD students will participate alongside members of the robust high technology industry to manpower NCFTA Canada with the capability of constructing dynamic responses to continually emerging problems with the Internet, e-commerce, and critical system vulnerabilities.