The vision of NCFTA for Canada is to have a secure and resilient cyber and telecommunications infrastructure that can harmoniously support homeland security, a vibrant economy, and the health and safety of Canadians. In this pursuit, NCFTA will 
contribute as follows:  

  • Focus on proactively coordinating the prevention and mitigation of cyber and telecommunications threats that pose the greatest risk to the Nation;
  • Pursue nation-wide operational integration by broadening and deepening engagement with its partners through information sharing to manage threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents;
  • Help to counter the technological and institutional barriers that impede collaborative information exchange, shared situational awareness, and understanding of cyber-threats and their impact;
  • Maintain a sustained readiness to provide a quick and effective response to all cyber and telecommunications incidents of national security;
  • Serve stakeholders as a national center of excellence and expertise for cyber and telecommunications security issues;
  • Protect the privacy and constitutional rights of Canadians in the conduct of its mission; 
  • Establish an organization that can facilitate the effective collaboration of law enforcement representatives, subject matter experts (SMEs) and cyber-security researchers; 
  • Provide a venue for sharing information and expertise on cyber-security matters; 
  • Serve as world-class hub for sharing and integrating cyber-security intelligence;
  • Establish a pole of expertise in cyber-security;
  • Provide a center of cyber-threat intelligence generation that can support operations such as:
    • Law enforcement, 
    • Incident response teams, 
    • Security operators, etc.
  • Take a leading position on Science and Technology in cyber-security research and development;
  • Promote a center for hosting cyber-threat information databases;
  • Emerge as an organization that provide cutting edge training to highly qualified cyber security personnel.

We welcome all Canadian organizations to benefit from our research and development effort. We value new partnerships between public, private, and academic organizations to combine resources, intelligence and expertise.